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Can the Physics of Homeopathy be Known?

The Physics of Homeopathy discussion is continued from yesterday . .

In a message dated 8/28/2013 10:19:54 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Elham writes:

Dear all,

Don’t want to be rude or anything but if you ever think a Homoeopath is going to solve the mystery of potentization you are mistaken. We will use its powers and let the skeptics shout and yell at us as much as they like, but we won’t solve its mystery. It will need science to advance much more and technology to advance much more and then there might be a slight chance that a scientist might come up with some explanation. In the meanwhile let us continue with our work that is curing the sick and let others worry about how Homoeopathy works

Best regards


John Benneth writes,

What? A homeopath won’t ever solve the mystery of potentization? Come on Elham . . since when does being a homeopath rule out understanding the physics of his remedies? Any homeopath worthy of the title should be digging into this, it’s not as impossible or difficult as you seem to portray it to be. And you’re not being rude, but because I don’t want to be rude I won’t say what I think you’re being . .  except to say you’re as bad as the skeptics. Historically anyone who starts talking about this and starts coming up with a physico-chemical explanation of homeopathy is immediately booed down by both sides, discredited, not just by pseudo-scientists, but by homeopaths as well . .

It seems to be the one thing that the homeopathy haters and homeopaths agree on, that because there shouldn’t be an explanation there isn’t one, because if there was it would make too many people look stupid, the mystagogues who have been banking on the ignorance of it.

Naturally you haven’t read any of the pre-clinical literature for homeopathy, you haven’t even tried, you probably are not even aware it exists. Nor will you accept it, I suspect.

Homeopaths don’t need to discover the science on their own, it’s already been done for them by non homeopaths. Three of the most revealing biochemical studies of “homeopathic remedies” were done by non-homeopaths, all three were respected “orthodox” immunologists and two of them have been Nobel prize winners . . Emil Behring (awarded the first Nobel prize for Medicine, for the diphtheria anti-toxin, which he claimed was homeopathic, like all vaccines) , Jacques Benveniste (renowned French immunologist, head of INSERM) who was crucified by James Randi, Nature Magazine AND homeopath George Vithoulkas (!) for essentially doing nothing more than replicating a biochemical test that to date has been replicated more than two dozen times; and Luc Montagnier (2008 Nobel prize for AIDS) who discovered some really remarkable things about homeopathy.

The thing that Benveniste did that really blew the lid off the can was he discovered electromagnetic indices for the materials in question, and this was replicated by Montagnier in 2009, who in addition found evidence that supramolecular structuring in the “remedies” was transducing background radiation into unique signals, verifying Hahnemann’s claim that the action is magnetic, i.e. paramagnetic. When Montagnier shielded from ambeint it or filtered out the cystalliferous structuring, the remedy stopped “working,” stoppeed emitting EM.

As to the physics of the “homeopathic remedy,” a seminal report in 2005 on The Structure of Liquid Water, Novel Insights from the Material Sciences and Potential Relevance to Homeopathy was done by three professors of the material scientists, two of them heads of their departments (Roy and TIller) and a professor of psychiatry known for her physical tests of “homeopathic remedies” (Bell).

Most of the important physical and in vitro tests of homeopathic remedies have been done by non homeopaths.

The only thing left to determine is how supramolecular transduction works, which is a hell of a lot more than allopaths can do for their patented crap.

There is no chemical reaction in a “homeopathic remedy.” The change isn’t just in the electron shell, its a change in the nuclei of the H2O molecule. In other words, the action comes from a nuclear reaction, it’s radioactive. “Homeopathic remedies” are medically in the class of low energy radiopharmaceuticals.

Now I’ve given you some things to chew on. Let’s see if you can respond by moving just one piece, without knocking all the others off the board to end the game, like the skeptoids do.

Elham, to suggest there is no physical explanation for the dynamic action of supramolecular substances as used homeopathic medicine is nothing more than wishful thinking on your part, because as long as it remains unexplained, you can peddle it as magic instead of as the science of real medicine.

Mark my words, the people who refuse to understand what these materials used as medicine are electrochemically, will get run out of the business.

John Benneth

Subject: Re: [Minutus] Response to Elham regarding the physics of homeopathy

Paul writes,

Actually, I agree with Elham. And by the way, even if we can work out how the remedy “imprints itself” on the H2O medium (bearing in mind one can also triturate in lactose) – we still need an explanation as to how the “remedy” affects the VF.

Ideally a quantum physicist who becomes a homeopath may be able to provide some answers, but in as much as physicists are not homeopaths, homeopaths are not quantum physicists.



In a message dated 8/29/2013 2:34:27 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD writes

Dr. Jurgen Schulte is a physicist, quantum physicist and homeopath.

At the 2012 Brisbane conference, he gave a talk about quantum physics and homeopathy, where he described in detail the experiments he performed to explain the mechanism of action through quantum physics. The conclusion was that he could not, the experiments were inconclusive.


Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD. “The greatest enemy of any science is a closed mind”. NMD.

“The greatest enemy of any science is a closed mind”.

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