World’s Most Intelligent Woman Endorses Homeopathy

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3 comments on “World’s Most Intelligent Woman Endorses Homeopathy

  1. kuldeep Gadhvi says:

    John, your website has an ocean full of interesting materials which i will like to read as much as i can.
    you are doing a fantastic advocacy of homeopathy backed by facts and only facts. its true in reality and spirit that homeopathy works wonders. thank you John Benneth, thank you very much for all the efforts.


  2. Ros Antonio says:

    Dear John,
    I’ve been a Homoeopath for over 40 years. So far everything I’ve read on your site is excellent. I’m very happy there is someone who has such a passion for Homoeopathy & knows how to use the internet etc to help keep it alive & to do even more to get greater understanding & use of it in the world. The articles & your thoughts are terrific, I love your sense of humour & irony.

    In Australia, there is currently another serious attempt to try & outlaw Homoeopathy, with the usual lack of information, prejudice, misconceptions & spurious use of the “placebo” argument.

    What suggestions do you have for submissions that will stop them in their tracks, apart from the
    suggestion to get them to try a proving?
    Although an excellent idea, it is difficult to get people who are on a crusade, to be open enough to actually do any actual tests or research to get to the truth, as they are not interested in it.
    There is also the double edged sword of the possibility that if they realize there is the potential to cause symptoms, even if only temporary, that it could be also be used in the arguments to prevent it from being used at all.
    The ways of the mainstream medical world are, as you say, not only intent on protecting their own financial, reputational & egoistic interests, but are all too often, not averse to being devious & strangers to the truth, if it is to protect the edifice of medicine as they have constructed it in the world.

    Kindest regards
    Ros Antonio


    • johnbenneth says:

      Dear Ros,

      I am overwhelmed by your encouragement, I think it’s the nicest compliment I’ve ever received . . thank you very much . . I could live another year on your words alone.
      I’ve given a lot of thought to your question, and there are so many things to say about homoeopathy it’s difficult to know where to begin.
      Perhaps the best points that could be made with Australia’s NHMRC and the attending public at this time are:
      1.) Governments of 19 countries now recognize homeopathy as a system of medicine or medical specialty. Why can’t Oz? Homeopathy is now covered by the U.S. government under Obamacare (!) and is also covered by the national health care programs of seven other countries. In 2013 the Portugese Parliament included homeopathy in seven CAM modalities which are now regulated in that country. Spain’s Health Ministry will be giving homeopathic medicines its seal of approval (Christy Redd). Last Monday Belgium became the latest country to give homeopathy legal recognition by members of its Parliament. In Belgium the practice of homeopathy will now be limited to trained professionals . . accredited GPs, dentists and midwives can only call themselves homeopaths if they have formal training in it.
      Those with a Bachelor degree in health care who were homeopaths prior to the edict, like nurses, will continue their activities under temporary measures.
      2.) Explosive growth and popularity of homoeopathy worldwide aside, one possible reason for homeopathy being recognized by an increasing number of governments could be that there are a growing number of biological tests that show the action of high dilutes that can be studied on the Internet, such as the Witt review of biochemical tests between the 1930’s and 2007, now available online: “The in vitro evidence for an effect of high homeopathic potencies–a systematic review of the literature”
      The other fact is that no comprehensive clinical meta analysis has been able to conclude that homeopathics are placebos, i.e. Kleijnen, Linde and Cucherat . . even Shang was found to have excluded trials that demonstrated an effect from high dilutes (what I have come to refer to ionized pharmaceuticals). For the NHMRC to say that homoepathy is useless is contary to the conclusion of the BMJ: ” . . evidence presented in this review would probably be sufficient for establishing homoeopathy as a regular treatment . . ”
      Witt also performed a long term cohort study on patient satisfaction that transcends the potency vs. inert placebo argument, published by BMC Public Health.
      WITT: Homeopathic medical practice: long-term results of a cohort study with 3981 patients.
      For a general overview of the literature, I suggest any judgmental body of government like the NHMRC take a look at the pharmacist’s review of the pre-clinicals and clinicals by Johnson and Boon: Where Does Homeopathy Fit in Pharmacy Practice?
      3.) If the NHMRC outlaws homeopathy, by strict definition of the word, even though they are crude examples of hte principle of similitude in action, they will have to include many of the existing vaccines in their ban because vaccines, like the use of whole killed cell body of pertussis to immunize against whooping cough, are technically homeopathic, such as the original small pox vaccine, which effectively wiped out the disease . . homeopathically.
      4.) We may assume that any homeopath like yourself,with 40 years experience, is a rarity and should be considered a national treasure for his knowledge of the action of ionized pharmacetuicals and their curative applications. To assumne that the H pharamacy is inert is a dangerous notion for a government to spread among its citizens. Ionized pharmaceuticals are extremely permeable and misuse of certain ones at some potencies can cause existing tumors to suddenly suppurate and “cut like razors” (Kent, Hepar) and kill the patient, or graft symptoms onto the patient for life (Kent, Thuja).

      4.)A battle royale between homeopaths and the sock puppets of self declared “skeptics” has been ensuing in the commentary of medical journalist Jerome Burne’s latest entry of his blog “Body of Evidence” entitled “Homeopathy and the Threat of Endarkenment.” The “body of evidnece” for homeopathy presented by homeopaths is some of the best I’ve seen in 15 years of battling on the ‘net. Its up to almost 600 comments, and although it’s muddied by the usual ad hominems from the homeopathy trolls, the information and links by homeopaths are great. Your voice of experience would be welcome here.
      5.) Despite their potential dangers, homeopathy is a relatively safe use of effective pharmaceuticals in competent hands, but it takes a while to become proficient in their use. They are hardly useless, but superior to more condensed phase pharma.
      Hang in their Roz. History is on YOUR side. Teach the medical profession what you know, Australia and the world needs your experience with the materia medica.
      best regards,
      John Benneth


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