John Benneth to receive homeopathy’s highest award

I am overwhelmed . . I am being shipped to Paris next week with bioengineer Bronson Ayala assisting to receive from the Conte Foundation homeopathy’s highest award, the Yves Lasne Price, for my research into the homeopathic mechanism, and deliver my thesis, “Physic of the Infinitesimal.”
Wish us luck . .
Au revoir!



18 comments on “John Benneth to receive homeopathy’s highest award

  1. my blog says:

    Love the site– really individual friendly and great deals to see!


  2. Fournier Denis says:

    Congrats! Will you publish your thesis – ‘Physic of the Infinitesimal’ ?

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  3. Paandu Rangan K. says:

    Your help to boost the morale on Homeopathy is great.

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  4. Paandu Rangan K. says:

    Your help to boost the understanding of Homeopathy is great.

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  5. Struggling to find any reliable reference of Conte Foundation in Paris. Can you post details about them and links to the Foundation?

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  6. Dana Ullman, MPH says:

    John,I do not know any homeopath in the world who considers this “award” to be “homeopathy’s highest reward.”  Congrats for receiving this award…but please please do not ever refer to it as “homeopathy’s highest reward.”  I urge you to NOT go public with this statement.–Dana

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    • johnbenneth says:


      What is homeopathy’s highest award? I’m not aware of any other. The Conte Foundation is spending tens of thousands of dollars (euros) to send me to Paris, put me and my assistant up at a 1st class hotel for several days, have me conduct a workshop on homeopathic physics and give me a substantial cash award.

      My message should be clear: molecular/ionic dissociation explains the homeopathic paradox of infinite dilution, which, btw, is a NIST standard (!), testable for the past 107 years, the first reference by Copeland . . the result being I feel compelled to tip toe around the old guard while shouting at everyone else that this is conventional electrochemistry.

      Dana, ionic theory (IT) explains Chikramane’s TEM results, not froth. IT is not novel.

      This why I’m getting homeopathy’s highest award. I’m simply revealing what should have been revealed years ago, and IT needs your help, as you are our greatest exponent.

      best wishes,


      ps; msg was posted sat. on fb, +resp. overwhelming

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  7. Very well done John, a reward for your tireless work for homeopathy.

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  8. Congratulations John. Well deserved!

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  9. Saurav Arora says:

    Congratulations! You deserve it.

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  10. Traudl says:

    That’s wonderful. Congratulations and thanks for your great work.

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  11. Congrats, John! A wonderful recognition for an enquiring mind.

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  12. Shirley Reischman says:


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  13. John Board says:

    Wow Congratultions. Paris will never be the same. If you visit Hahnemann’s grave please place a foe on it for me. I a so proud of you and the work you have done even though I do not necessarily understand it You have been brave and forward looking. Be wel and have a lovely time.




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  14. Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CHP says:

    Congratulations John!

    This is an honor you well deserve and I’m very grateful for your work – thank you are doing for Homeopath’s and homeopathy!

    In health, ____________________________________

    Kari J. Kindem, CFHom, CHP, AIT Practitioner, CEASE Practitioner, Classical Homeopath “Let Miracles Find You!”


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