The Strange Power of Homeopathy

A eulogy to homeopathy antagonist and debunker Andy Lewis, author of le Canard Noir:

Ah, excellent article, Dr. Lewis, very entertaining indeed. It was almost enough to get me to go to the cupboard and toss out all my little sugar pills! But then some mysterious force stopped me, and strange questions began to burn themelves into my brain!
Why are we ignoring the amazing psychological impact of this mysterious medicine? How is it that this little cult of homeopathy has spread so far and wide, not only to engulf the minds of those you briefly mention, but also Nobel prize winning scientists like Josephson and Montagnier. And yes, what about Montagnier? Did he not used the patented system of renowned virologist Jacques Benveniste, designed to detect the electromagnetic signals (EMS) from the crystalline aqueous “nanostructures” other highly credentialed material scientists, like Demangeat, Rao, Sukul, Roy, Tiller, Elia, Baumgartner, Witt, Bell, Schwartz have detected, just to name a few, all academics, none homeopaths, many Heads of their Depts. at places like Penn State, Stanford, University of Arizona.
This is a strange elixir indeed. If this is some kind of delusion, it ranks in its powers with that of Mesmerism, what btw, Hahnemann recognized as manipulating the same biomagnetic force as homeopathy!
OMG, I can feel its pull on me now!
Dr. Lewis, listen to me, please, this is a profound discovery you have made, that by means of nothing more than persuasion and a drop or two of water, spread out in alcohol and splashed on a hundred little sugar pills, and only one of these placed under the tongue, we homeopaths can fool the great minds and masses of science and the modern world, heal the sick, correct chronic maladies, defy the deadly mosquito, halt terminal disease and even appear to stop epidemics, such as leptospirosis recently in Cuba with 4.8 MILLION doses!
If this is due to some psychogenic force as you seem to imply, then why is it then that I cannot find some text elucidating it? Where is all the science for it, the tests, double blind trials, peer reviewed reports published in prestigious magazines proving the placebo effect and informing the world of its great psychogenic powers, so that we all may partake of it wonders?
All I find are these strange reports that have to be spurious, must be incorrect, claiming homeopathy has been seen to act biochemically in vitro! No! This cannot be so, unless we have yet to unravel the ideomotor placebo force, as Dr. Amazing Randi suggests . . Or perhaps a magnetic fluid that pours from t he mind of the homeoapth, how can the placebo junket affect blood cells in a petri dish? Please help me with this psychokinesis, Dr. Lewis. Teach me! Perhaps we could use these amazing powers of persuasion to avert getting sued for libel and having our domains taken away!
John Benneth, PG Hom.- London (Hons.)
PS: Save me a seat at the Pub, and buy me a pint, I’ll gladly pay you back in services.

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7 comments on “The Strange Power of Homeopathy

  1. You have a marvellous way of saying that people like ‘Dr Lewis’ is talking nonsense. I had not thought before that what denialists are saying is that we have fooled the entire world for over 200 years – but it must be so, of course!

    Question is, why doesn’t conventional medicine do it? And why not all those, like Dr Lewis, who suffer so badly from Skepticaemia. Incidentally, that is one serious diseases that homeopathy seems unable to touch. So they will just have to keep on taking the drugs, and hope they don’t kill them.


    • Ken Travis says:

      As a top man once said, “Citing 200 years of use as evidence is like citing Chinese whispers as a news source”


      • johnbenneth says:

        How does that explain all the law suits you’re buried in from your poison pill peddling, Ken? You got a joke for that?


        • Ken Travis says:

          That is an attempt to link a distrust with homeopathy with an unwavering support of pharmaceutical companies. This is a text-book straw man rhetoric.

          Another top man once said ,”Arguing with a homeopath is like playing chess against a pigeon. No matter how constructive or compelling and well researched your argument is, they are always going to knock over the pieces, befoul the board then strut around triumphantly anyway”


  2. tamarque says:

    Pretty funny John, but to the point. Chapman, it must be your condition of cognitive dissonance that prevents you from understanding this somewhat humorous post. get thee to the nearest homeopath quickly!


  3. lucky John finding a thinker “pre Harvey” time! At night the bmood does not flow on the surface of the body! Harvey said: a needle would not lead to bleeding? He was excluded from MD”s order.


  4. Guy Chapman says:

    John, I understand most of the actual words in this wibble but not in the order you have written them down. Try changing the order of the words so they forma coherent argument.



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