4 comments on “Tritium radiation detected in homeopathic remedies

  1. Sherry Fortune says:

    Danke schoen, John, for the words and smiles!

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  2. I perform what has been called Field Control Therapy, which is essentially testing for organ stress and for the presence of harmful agents via a bioresonance test (at the ankles), and then making Isopathic (homeopathic) remedies for each, from samples of dilutions of organs and agents. We do this systemically from most to least stressed organ and associated agent. I do test remotely and ship out remedies world wide. My question is, how do RF signals in delivery effect the dilutions of remedies, interfere or distort the Isotopic signature or structure of the water in the bottled remedies during transportation? I wish there was more hard science on all this, although I suspect it’ll get better in the next few years.


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    • johnbenneth says:

      Gilles! Great question! The only research I am aware of on the effects of EM and gravitational fields on H drugs was done by Rolland Conte et al, reported in “Theory of High Dilutions and experimental aspects”. Using NMR they found that there were effects, even from movement through a gravitational field, but how this affects the remedy is not clear, although UV and strong EM should be avoided.

      Your work sounds fascinating. How can I learn more?

      Thanks for posting!


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