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  1. Joanna says:

    Hello John,

    Do you know this ‘genius’?? It’s painful to read his libel about Homeopathy – obviously he doesn’t know what he is talking about! …and since he mentions your name, maybe you should to know about it.


    Keep up the good work!

    Sincerely Joanna

    Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2015 06:39:28 +0000 To: drjoannastrauss@hotmail.com


    • johnbenneth says:

      Ah yes, my good friend and mentor Chandran! Thanks, Joanna, for the link! I particularly like his photo, looking down on us infinitesimals. At least I’m not alone . . according to Chandran I hide behind Dana Ullman’s skirts . . Dana should be pleased to know that I am at his back, trembling before this intellectual giant who watches over homeopathy!
      Perhaps a little Platina CM would help . .


  2. verschell says:

    I have to admit, I have had a lot of otherwise intelligent people TRY to convince me about the potential for homeopathy over the last 30 years. It’s interesting that as theory after theory gets struck down, there is always a NEW theory that is passionately defended.

    Look, I will happily say that absence of proof is not proof of absence. I am quite open to any evidence provided under the standard scientific method, with the most important part being replicability. I DO NOT accept anecdotal evidence, as the plural of anecdote IS NOT data.

    Let’s see, problems with this video of yours. Well, too many to count, let’s just discuss a couple.

    Plasma is one of the four COMMON or classical states of matter, but not one of only four states or phases of matter. There are a number of other states, they are just not encountered outside of fairly esoteric conditions (for example, Bose-Einstein Condensate – hey! There is the next theory for homeopathy!). However, while plasmas actually make up the bulk of observable matter in the universe, homeopathy may be the first case I have heard of that claims that mechanical concussion (succussion) is the cause of the ionization. HOWEVER, if a homeopathic remedy was dependent on ionization (plasmas), then they should be subject to any of the tests for the presence of plasmas, e.g., response to magnetic fields or high electrical conductivity.

    The transduction comment threw me. There is no use of the word transduction related to tritiated-water to the best of my knowledge.

    Super-heavy water. There IS nothing in super-heavy or tritiated water. All water is composed largely of H2O, with some small amount of D2O, and a very small amount of T2O – although more T2O after atmospheric nuclear testing. We use it as an ocean tracer for deep water formation. Super-heavy water is just water, with most or all of the 1H replaced with 3H. It is also radioactive and highly-corrosive. It is also just water with no memory of where it came from. I don’t see what this has to do with homeopathy. If memory serves, we can detect radioactivity in water down a concentration of a centi-Bq/L (i.e., a very VERY small amount). You are trying to tell me that homeopathic remedies are radioactive, radio-pharmaceuticals. They should then exhibit some detectable radioactivity. Do they? Not to my knowledge. Studies using nuclear magnetic resonance have shown no difference between homeopathic solutions and controls.

    T2O is a medically-recognized isotope. Again, I am not sure what this has to do with homeopathy. It is bizarre enough to posit room-temperature production of plasmas through purely mechanical means, now you are claiming that homeopathic preparations actually produce TRITIUM through purely mechanical means?

    Smallpox, yes the original vaccine used was from cow pox. However, for a long time, the Vaccinia virus has been used. The difference between homeopathy and Vaccinia vaccination, as with all conventional vaccines (as you do state), is that there is actually Vaccinia virus in the vaccination.

    Like cures like, something from long ago. Yes, you do need a similar virus for a vaccination. However, many diseases are cured without the use of a similar agent. Take antibiotics. These are NOT similar to the bacteria they are killing. And we DO still vaccinate for smallpox. Roughly 200,000 military service members per year receive smallpox vaccinations.

    Hahnemann had a perfectly reasonable theory for the mid-19th century, especially given some of the truly crazy ideas at the time. The idea of similia similibus curentur does have some validity. But the true genius is the rapidly morphing explanations for the homeopathic method of action. Do the majority of homeopaths still adhere to Hanhemann’s miasm theory? I believe that most find it impossible to utilize (or understand) in a clinical situation, and thus doesn’t this violate Hahnemann’s theories?

    Finally, there is NO conspiracy to keep people from hearing about homeopathy. The only concern is the prevention of proven therapies for particularly vulnerable populations (such as children). Homeopathic treatment for autism? I would seriously doubt the efficacy, but other than a potential financial risk, I can see no real downside to it. If for some bizarre reason there DOES end up to be some positive results (something that has never been found in studies for any ailment, even by sympathetic researchers), that would be a great thing.

    There is something to the claim of many homeopaths, “Who cares how it works, as long as it works.” This is true in conventional medicine, where cures and treatments are used long before a mechanism of efficacy is discovered. However, unlike these conventional treatments, homeopathy violates many of the (extensively validated) laws of physics, and thus there is some burden on homeopaths to demonstrate efficacy through the use of carefully controlled clinical trials. To date, I have never seen a SINGLE such carefully controlled clinical trial that has shown anything more conclusive than a rare, “well, homeopathy can’t be ruled out.”


  3. Hi John, yes, there’s information and cases with parent reports about the homeopathic treatment of autism on our website at:http://homeopathyplus.com.au/category/autism-2/. Two articles written specifically for practitioners and published in the Similia journal back in 2009 (I think) can be read at: http://homeopathyplus.com.au/reversing-autism-part-1/ and http://homeopathyplus.com.au/reversing-autism-part-2/ All efforts have been made to provide representative cases (Wow! to slow improvement cases) so parents can clearly see the range of response to treatment.. From my perspective, homeopathy should be the treatment of choice for ASDs, with other interventions added if and when needed (rather than the other way around). It helps much more quickly and for much less expense. The online book will be covering all approaches using potentised remedies – strengths, weaknesses, and safety profiles – as this is one area with which parents are highly confused.

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  4. Hello John,

    Your video is timely as the need has never been greater with a senior research scientist from MIT recently warning that 1 in 2 children will be autistic in 2025 if the upward trend is allowed to continue (see http://www.anh-usa.org/half-of-all-children-will-be-autistic-by-2025-warns-senior-research-scientist-at-mit/ for more information).

    Do you mind if I post information on a project I started earlier this weekl? (Hope not!) I am putting a book together on the homeopathic treatment of autism that will be freely accessible to all in the community. It’s first section will be available online at the beginning of April during Autism Awareness Week. I sent the following out in my newsletter earlier this week. Affected families may be interested.
    HOMEOPATHY FOR AUTISM: Help me write a free online book.

    Has your family been affected by autism? Families dealing with autism make up most of my practice.

    For more than a decade I’ve been using homeopathy to successfully treat their children, and increasingly adults, with this disorder.

    For years people have been asking me to write a book on it – about what I do, how I do it, and what families themselves can do to reduce the impact of this growing problem.

    Finally, I’m going to do just that – but with one big difference.

    I’m going to write it online so that you and others can follow along too, free of charge, and get all the information as it progresses.

    Once I’m finished, the book will be edited and published but until then, and possibly forever, all that information will be free online for anyone who needs it.

    I’m excited by the concept, and I hope it sounds like a good idea to you too.

    But I need some help to make it a success.

    Would you please send me an email with your two most important questions about homeopathy for autism? They will tell me the sort of information you need so I can make sure to cover everything in the book.

    Just your two most pressing questions – that’s all I need. Please send them to: book@homeopathyplus.com.au
    I will get back to you with more information and answers to some of the questions I receive.

    Many thanks for your help, Fran.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Hi Fran! Great project! I didn’t know your practice dealt so much with autism. An open source work on autism edited by a practitioner with real world experience should have real world, life changing consequences . .
      I for one would be interested in knowing what method(s) you use.


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