TRAYVON: George Zimmerman had a history of violence

There’s got to be a reason the Sanford, Florida police have been acting so strangely in the Trayvon Martin case: I think they’re about to be hit with a charge of gross malfeasance in the shooting death of Trayvon and they know it. And the shooter has them over a barrel.

George Zimmerman, the shooter, it appears has a get out of jail free card from the somebody or something in system for years now.  He’s got a record of violence that would normally have prevented him from having a concealed weapon permit.

Get this: Zimmerman was arrested in 2005 in  Orange County for resisting arrest with violence and battery on a law enforcement officer.


They got to be kidding. But that’s what it says. This guy was arrested seven years ago for a violence on a cop and he’s walking around today with a gun in his hand?

Even Florida governor Jeb Bush said he doesn’t get it: A couple days ago he said of the case, “The lack of arrest doesn’t make sense to me.”

But wait, there’s more. Previous to attacking a cop, Zimmerman was also accused of domestic violence. In 2005 his fiancee’, beautician Veronica Zuazo,  reported that Zimmerman had been physically violent with her on more than one occassion. She too put out a restraining order on him. That would be enough to get most guys thrown in the slammer and their ticket to carry yanked, no matter what she did to him in return. And guess what? In that same situation Zimmerman also took the victim stance as he did in the Trayvon  shooting, claiming she had attacked him.

He said she slapped, clawed and tried to choke him. Her chihauhua bit him in the face. What was his face doing next tothe chihauhua unless she had him pnned like Trayvon did?

She went after him with a baseball bat.

Sound familiar?

She said he popped her in the mouth, more than once. Nice sweet Geroge Zimmerman gave his girlfriend a knuckle sandwich.

Florida requires a history of violence report for a carry permit that would have included, should have included, George’s a violent brush with the cops.

A domestic violence charge is all it takes for the law or the cops to demand surrender of your guns. Did Zimmerman have a concealed weapons permit in 2005, and if he did, was he required to turn in his pistol and any other guns he had? Or did he get yet another pass on that one to go alonside his get out of jail free card?

Then there’s the concealed weapons permit questionnaire. Did Zimmerman fill one of these out? Here’s some of the questions on the questionaire:

“Have you had adjudication of guilt withheld on any felony?” That could be a yes. I presume attacking a cop is a felony. But conviction was withheld when he entered a pretrial diversion program.

“Have you received a suspended sentence on any felony?” That could also be a yes.

Why isn’t anyone demanding that Zimmerman turn over his guns?

I smell dirty cops. There’s something strange going on here that the cops know and we don’t, something that keeps them from doing to him what they’d fall all over themselves to do to any one of us, something enough to make even the Sanford chief of police back down. Zimmerman’s got them over barrel with something or someone.

And now he’s on the run, armed and dangerous, and the cops are doing nothing about it.

Why? They got all they need to bring this guy in.

Watch out. My guess is he’ll use that 9mm again if he isn’t stopped.

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17 comments on “TRAYVON: George Zimmerman had a history of violence

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  2. Brian Howard says:

    I’m unfamiliar with the concealed weapon requirements in Florida (I’m in the UK).
    I recall hearing something said on one of the newsreels maybe, that Zimmerman was able to obtain the permit “in order to protect himself from a neighbour’s dangerous dog”.
    Now to me, if there is any truth in that, I would have thought there would have been restrictions as to where exactly he could carry or produce a concealed weapon, in other words, only where he was likely to have contact with this ‘neighbour’s dangerous dog’.
    Do you know if there is any truth in the dangerous dog story which prompted his concealed weapon permit application?


  3. Teddy says:

    Did I hear his grandfather is a judge?


  4. […] on Florida concealed weapon law:  Florida requires a history of violence report for carry permit that would have included a […]


  5. Francis Farmer says:


    Wow — it seems so obvious to me that
    Zimmerman’s “self-defense” claim — is
    based on nothing more than a sack of…


    and how he feels the world is unable
    to see him for what he really is —
    as he piles up and throws his


    based “self-defense” claim at us all.”



    • M L says:

      I just found you when I Googled inquiring about the KILLER having a history of violence prior to having KILLED Trayvon. You see, I am being attacked on Facebook with regard to this matter, and I wanted to find some”BACKUP”, cuz they’re getting my BACK UP by ordering me to prove it. I told them to do their own research, but I want to educate rather than depend on just hear-say. Thank you!


  6. […] that she believes Zimmerman “hunted my son like an animal.”Background on Florida concealed weapon law: Florida requires a history of violence report for carry permit that would have included a violent […]


    • tal says:

      An individual in this article is repeatedly referred to as Wolfzinger but is otherwise unidentified (maybe I missed it or maybe we’re supposed to know who he is). His actual name is Wolfinger
      and he’s the Florida State Attorney, who’s been involved since the night of:

      A source with knowledge of the investigation into the shooting of Trayvon Martin tells theGrio that it was then Sanford police chief Bill Lee, along with Capt. Robert O’Connor, the investigations supervisor, who made the decision to release George Zimmerman on the night of February 26th, after consulting with State Attorney Norman Wolfinger — in person.

      Wolfinger’s presence at the scene or at the police department in the night of a shooting would be unusual, according to the source. On a typical case, police contact the state attorney’s office and speak with an on duty assistant state attorney; they either discuss the matter by phone or the on duty assistant state attorney comes to the crime scene – but rarely the state attorney him or herself.


  7. tal says:

    Zimmerman’s daddy is a retired judicial magistrate and his mommy a former court clerk. That alone could be enough ‘juice’ to protect him from the consequences of his actions:


  8. cptwayne says:

    George Zimmerman did not have a history of violence. Do your homework first before you put something like that in print. The charge turned out to be false. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty. I will redact this statement only if you can prove to me that he was convicted.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Captain Wayne writes,

      “George Zimmerman did not have a history of violence. Do your homework first before you put something like that in print. The charge turned out to be false. Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty.”

      You got a lot of delusion and roaring hypocrisy to bring up due process on a subject like this. Where was Trayvon’s innocent until proven guilty when he was eing stalke by Zimmerman? Where was Travyon’s right to a true bill beore being condemne an shot to death, where was his right to a trial of his peers. WHere was his right to due process instead of this self appointed judge, jury and executioner named Georrge Zimmerman with his history of violence? Did Zimmermane wait for the state’s attorney to carge Trayvon?

      And to reiterate, Geroge Zimmerman DID have a history of violence, the charges didn’t turn out to be false. Maybe you’re the one, Captain Wayne, who should do some homework. Or maybe it’s time to just shut the F up instead of trying to obstruct law enforement, find something more inconsequential to do, something that when you screw it up oesn’t affect anyone, like crayons. Go scribble with crayons, but don’t write any words with them or we’ll have to take those away from you too.

      Whoever puts guns in the hands of delusional people like you and George Zimmerman belongs in prison. Zimmerman had a previous charge in 2005 of “resisting arrest with violence and battery on an officer” while he was interfering with the arrest of a friend. It’s public record that Zimmerman was pawned off to a pretrial diversion program to avoid a conviction on his criminal record. That alone makes him inelegible for a carry permit, and the only people who are going to defend that are the ones who are hiding their own misfeasance an malfeasances.

      According to the Orlando Sentinel Zimmerman was arrested for fighting with the cops. When he was a student at UCF, one of Zimmerman’s friends was caught selling booze to kids. When they tried to arrest the seller, Zimmerman barged in and started shooting his mouth off.

      The cops told him to shut up, but instead of backing off and sobering up, Zimmerman began cussing and swearing and making a big scene. According to the arrest report, when they tried to escort him out, Zimmerman fought back, was subdued, handcuffed and hauled off to the slammer.

      That was in 2005. In that same year he got slapped with a restraining orer for allegedly slapping his girfriend around.

      It’s 2012. So now let’s put a gun in the hand of a man who has a record of fighitng with the cops and let’s set him loose on the streets of Sanford to stalk the victims of his choosing. Maybe he thinks it’s a class assignment at the Seminole Community College law enforcement program. wehre he’s been enrolled for the last decade. And when he sees an easy target that he can use to make himself a hero with, he jumps out of his car, confronts him, and BANG.

      He’s done it before, he did it this time, and if he isn’t stopped, he’ll do it again. Shoving his way in where he doesn’t belong and getting rowdy. That’s who he is and that’s what he does, interfering with and obstructing justice.

      What do we need real cops for when we got Batman here defending us? Why do we need need this little fat guy rolling around the streets for at night, pretending to be the masked avenger and sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong? What, the cops aren’t getting paid enough to scrub the streets clean?

      If there was a fight, Zimmerman picked it. If he had a real concern and cognizance of the law, if he really understood law enforement, he would have just sat there in his car, had another donut and waited for real cops to come and harass the kid to death.

      I know, he says he was just getting out of his car to go read the street sign. Sure he was, he was too blind to read the street signs, and too blind to see that that all his target was holding in his hand was a box of Skittles and an ice tea, and he was too blind to hit anything with his 9mm any further away than a few inches.

      You want to make this a war between the cops and the people, you’re going to lose, because the cops are nowhere without the people behind them, and whatever you want to make up and believe about this isn’t going to help in the face of the evidence. Zimmerman had no business packing a pistol, and with his history of violence, the state had no business issuing him a carry permit.

      Maybe it’s time for these self-appointed, phony cops to turn in their guns, throw away their phony badges and let publicly supported peace officers do the work, like the ones Zimmerman was fighting with in 2005.

      This time it won’t be a diversion program.


    • richard young says:

      Black pep ann poor white pep remember zimmerman is mexican WE as a duel race need ccw l will take care of my part


  9. Is the shooter on ConMed drugs? So many acts of violence seem to be caused by people on Big Pharma medication.


    • johnbenneth says:

      Good question. We don’t know because they didn’t drug test him. How much you want to bet he’s on or has been on and off fluoxetine based drugs for depression, like Prozac?


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